Bobby and the Story

The third and final piece to the Live Oak trio last week:

Bobby Duncan has more than payed his dues in this Scene over his lengthy songwriting and music career. Honestly, he’s pretty lucky he has two cents to rub together with brand new baby twins at home that came shortly after marrying his wife. I’ve seen Mrs. Duncan firsthand watching many of his shows awestruck and still in love with her husband like starcrossed teenagers. What seems like a basic girl meets boy, they fall in love, create a family and live happily ever after story, was not always the case for Bobby and you can hear it in his library of songs.

It’s obvious the boy didn’t get the girl many times over before he settled down with the love of his life. Pain, anguish, depression, faith and then finally forever, are covered well in Bobby’s catalogue. His storytelling has always and continues to remain my favorite part about watching him play.

It’s hard to miss that Walt Wilkins and Bobby have become close friends, writing partners and music makers together if you’re paying attention. With a guy like Walt in your corner you can’t really go wrong. Bobby waxes poetic about their love for one another within his sung stories and you can’t miss the respect and admiration he has for his friend and idol. That ingenuity is what makes Bobby who he is and gives his music a soul.

What began as tales of heartbreak and forlorn love has now evolved in to melodic tales about his single friends and happiness in his new found forever. I am excited to see how these life changes translate in to a musical revolution for this artist. Clear talent isn’t fast and furious, it’s a slow burn and Bobby is everready to set The Scene on fire.


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